Skills are very role oriented,however some are utilized in any career choice. Therefore, it is essential to work on your transferable skills and be prepared to apply them in your next or current job.

Here are some of the most in-demand transferable skills.

  • Communication

An effective communication skill is key when it comes to professionalism. In order to become a great communicator you should overcome the expression in public that could be a challenge for most people. Besides this, getting involved in interacting with people on any subjects could benefit your body language and easing the process of expressing yourself. 

The importance of this skills will be greatly appreciated by your future employer who will need to know your thoughts and opinion on something company related or a specific task that needs further investigation and group discussion. Sharing your ideas is challenging if you do not have the right communication skills.

Good communication skills enable managers to receive and send negative or heavy messages without creating frustration and disruption of trust. This is important to keep employees motivated and engaged.


Start working on it today by implementing the following practice:

The benefits of this skill will be the following:

  • Consistency in the workflow.
  • More productive due to a high interaction with the team.
  • Better self control – emotionally and physically.
  • Strong business relation between the partners.
  • Advanced professional image as your body language says it all.
  • Confidence level increases.


  • Organisation and planning

Prioritization of tasks and time management are key tactics of every job you will do. You need evidence of your administration skills to prove to your next interviewer that you will be able to perform to your full potential and excel in your role. 

These tactics are going to move you further and progress into your career and personal development. Most people are struggling and feeling lost due to this misled matter that is crucial. Being able to be a good planner and organizer your task per day is also a better way of using our time efficiently.


  • Start working on it today by implementing the following practice:

  • Initiative

Using your own initiative in your job is highly valuable. An employer needs to know that you can think for yourself. Approach this with caution and start small, you have got your whole career to develop your skills. Do not act outside of your authority.

Be prepared to do so as soon as you start your job, as it will reflect a good first impression on your persona and lead to better deposition in the company.

  • Teamwork

Any employer needs to know that you will be able to work with their other staff to get the job done. Take opportunities to work in groups and communicate with people from every department of the company in order to prove to your next employer that you can get along with everyone and communicate effectively to deliver results. 

The best way to have a great team:

  • Leadership

Being a leader is hard work that will pay off lately wherever you will work. Most roles maintain at least one aspect of leadership, therefore it is important to work on that as soon as possible. Leaders take responsibility and delegate tasks effectively. Most roles involve at least some aspect of leadership, especially beyond the initial stages of your career. Look for opportunities to manage projects and other people as early as possible to begin developing this key transferable skill.

How to become a great leader: