Vocabulary is an essential part of enhancing your knowledge of the English language, and it usually develops over time. Advanced vocabulary can open up various opportunities for individuals. It can significantly impact communicating your messages clearly and effectively to others. Hence, it is something that we can constantly focus on improving. 

The most common way to expand your vocabulary is to learn at least two new words every day. Whether that be synonyms/antonyms or new words, this will help you to develop your English at a much faster pace. 

  • Try to use new words as much as you can after learning. 

Once you learn new words, retaining them in your memory can be a little tricky as every person has their own set of words that they are accustomed to using daily. On average, repeating a particular phrase or word between 10 to 20 times expands your vocabulary retention. A great way to remember the new words you have just learnt is by consistently implementing them in your speaking and listening. 

  • Make learning fun!

Learning new words in the same way every day can become a little boring. However, there are many alternative methods aside from browsing a dictionary or searching for synonyms on Google. 

There are many interactive websites and apps specifically designed to make learning vocabulary and English more entertaining. You can also play worded board games such as crosswords and scrabble alongside online platforms. It is a great way to keep expanding your vocabulary without even realizing. 

It is also a good idea to make notes on a flashcard of new words you learn whilst playing.

  • Take Vocabulary Tests

Another good way to ensure and check whether your vocabulary is becoming more advanced is completing vocabulary tests. These can be done online by searching for examples of vocabulary tests, or you can create your ones based on what you already know. 

  • Read and write more often

Reading news, articles, blogs, books, and novels can help improve style and fluency in speech and writing and broaden vocabulary. Since everyone has a different vocabulary set, you are more likely to learn new words this way quickly. 

Additionally, writing can help retain the words you learn, as putting things down on paper can improve your memory

Our vocabulary can significantly impact how we speak and are perceived by other individuals. Therefore, it is essential always to keep learning and developing your vocabulary.