Making the Right Decision

Taking ownership of yourself starts by taking mindful decisions that impact your life.

Deciding On a Course of Study

A number of people show interest in a broad range of subjects. From a specialist’s perspective, this makes the process of choosing a career more interesting and engaging as you have a lot of space to play with permutations and combinations. However, this might not be that exciting for the people who were to do this all alone. In fact, this broad spectrum of possibilities seems overwhelming and confusing. This makes the decision making cumbersome, de-motivating and people tend to procrastinate until it gets overhead.

Focus on the Present

It has been observed that most of the young adults, when choosing a course tend to shy away from making a concrete decision about their career. They have this disconcerting fear that they will have to live alongside their chosen career for the rest of their lives.

This is a mistake which many people commit. Choosing a career is not about which profession you are still going to enjoy working in when you will turn 50. Instead, it is more about which profession you are going to enjoy and make the most out of it at present!

Obsolete are those days when an employee, without the slightest consideration spend 20 years in the same organisation. With the advancements in the field of digitalisation, jobs are swinging back and forth. Even the experts in the field cannot comment on the relevance of a certain profession 10 years from now, how are we so sure that it will still work for us?

The pressure around choosing a career can drastically be lowered if we cultivate this awareness. One thing many people need to understand, choosing a career is not a once in a lifetime decision, it is just a first step in the series of many. Even experienced professionals are re-orienting themselves by taking further training.

Therefore, people should keep in mind that there is no decision as a perfect decision and most importantly it is not once in a lifetime one!