University open days are essential as they give students an insight to what a university has to offer. It is a way for universities to display their best assets and attract students to the campus. As there are many universities to choose from, students must decide which one will be best suited for them. As a result of the current pandemic, open days are likely to be virtual – so important information will be available online. Therefore, provided below are some helpful tips, advice and questions to consider for a student visiting a university open day.

  1. Speak to students 

Speaking to students is the best way to understand a university and the opportunities it can offer. So don’t be shy to speak to student volunteers or any that are passing by as they can elaborate further on necessary information regarding a university. Students can answer various questions relating to budgeting, accommodation, student life, course content and available resources (e.g. library and student union access).

Despite it being less favoured, open days are likely to be online as a result of the current pandemic. However, students can use this to their advantage. Students can spend longer absorbing information as they would have access to a 360 degrees virtual tour. Feel free to call, email or message your queries to the university helpline to make the most of your virtual tour – they will be happy to help.


     2. Attend introductory lectures

Most universities offer an introductory lecture to specific modules. It is recommended that students go to this to get a feel of a university setting, lecture theatres and the campus as a whole. Additionally, students can get a feel of the teaching style and compare this to other universities that they may visit. 

Remember, you can ask questions whilst there about anything so do make the most of it!


      3.  Speak to course leaders 

Following the previous point, after a lecture or whenever you are free, talk to the course leaders. Find out important information regarding modules; understand how you will be assessed and what is required of you (e.g. coursework or exam based).

Likewise, here is a list of questions you can simply ask course leaders.

  • What career paths are available with this degree?
  • What does a standard timetable look like and how many hours of study is required?
  • Where can I assess a reading list – if there is one available?/ Do I need to buy additional material and how much will it cost?
  • Is there a placement year and can I travel abroad?


      4.  After the open day

After you have visited a university open day, remember to revisit the information you have. Look over images, brochures and additional handouts. Use them to compare each university, as this will help you to make the correct decision. 

Never assume or ignore it! Contact a university through email, phone or message them with any queries you may have. 


Good luck choosing a university. Ensure that you choose the right place for your studies. Take your time and be thorough; be sure to understand the content in front of you. 

Listed below are additional questions you can possibly ask when visiting a university open day:

  • Do you hold interviews for this specific course?
  • How has COVID-19 affected the running of the course?
  • Are there job opportunities on campus for students?
  • What is the town/ city like?

These are just a few questions to ask. It is, however, important to be prepared with your own too, as it will help with your choice selection in the long run.