Edtech is undoubtedly a big business. One solid indicator for this would be the number of billionaires the sector has created. According to Deloitte, the Chinese education market is set to exceed £700Billion by 2025, and was responsible for bringing seven new billionaires to life.

We are aware of the fact that Edtech sector is one of the most rapidly booming sectors at present, and it is evident from the staggering figures reported for the Chinese market. Here we are discussing the top trends that might disrupt education in 2020.

More Accessible Education – Online Learning

The term accessible education does not just revolve around how “affordable” the eduation has become. Many people confuse accessible with affordable, which carves out a wrong impression. UN estimates that 263 million kids globally are receiving full time education. Although, there are many reasons for this statistic to be true, however, the primary ones would be – better learning accommodations, qualified faculties and of course, proliferation of online learning.

Online learning bridges the gap between boundaries, and makes it easier to share curriculum across borders. Online learning, Edetch’s one aspect, from the pool of many, is overcoming longstanding challenges related to borders. This is expected to rise in 2020, as many universities are introducing online courses just to cater to students are bound by their geography, however long to receive education from prestigious institutions.

More Personalised Learning

Personalised education is no longer a novel concept, as technology can easily make achieving it easier. In today’s world, classrooms are diverse and complex, and the open access to technology helps make it easier to meet each student’s diverse requirements.

Technological tools have released teachers from the tedious task of curriculum allocation, and other monotonous administrative tasks that are nowhere related to studies. Teachers, through various features and options can differentiate between the varying needs of students, and offer them with a custom-tailored curriculum which not only suits their individual calibre, however also makes them competitive enough to defy their own limitations.