Think it’s too late to be a mature student? Entering higher education later in life has increased as in the UK 60% of all undergraduates are over 21. If you are looking to develop your skills or change your career path but thought that University wasn’t an option for you, then you may want to think again.

What do I need to become a mature student?

Many people believe that mature students can be scrutinised as they may not have a typical academic background. However that couldn’t be more untrue as students are greatly valued, as Universities appreciate the skills, experience and enthusiasm that they can bring into their classroom.

There are many universities in the UK that accept mature students with limited or no qualifications. Universities accept a variety of different routes to their courses such as access to higher education courses, NVQs, BTEC or other work-based qualifications and relevant work experience.  

Student Finances

Can mature students get more financial help?

It is known that mature students generally have more financial responsibilities than school and college leavers due to them perhaps having more life experience and commitments. Therefore the thought of taking time off of work in order to study can be stressful. Luckily for UK students, there is government funding available known as student finance that is able to help to provide financial stability. The amount each student receives from student finance depends on their individual family situation and the course type they are studying. If they have children they may also be eligible for extra help. There is also option to do part time courses which allows a student to work part time alongside studying.

Why should I go to university?

By going to university you are making yourself more employable. University is not only a platform to help build a career, it is also an experience. Many people brand university with fresher’s and partying which may not be appealing to all. In saying this University is definitely a social opportunity and is a chance to make connections and friends for life. Majority of universities have societies for mature students, which is a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded students and grow a university support system.  Universities all over the UK promote their mature students societies varying from Aston University, Worcester University and Newcastle University.

How to choose the best university?

When applying for university there are many factors any student-to-be need to consider, such as what universities specialise in the subject of choice or whether you are going to live near campus or commute.

As all universities admit mature students, choosing the best university for you is not a decision that can be made over night. Every student has their own individual needs and requirements from their university. Some universities have a small mature student population whilst others have a relatively large one. For example, nearly half of the University of East London’s Student Population is mature students and almost 68% of students at London metropolitan university are mature students. The key to choosing the best university for you is simply by doing extensive research and visiting campuses.