Most students experience living with others at some point during their studies.  It can be an amazing time in your life and you can end up making friends for life. However, there are a few guidelines you should follow if you want to ensure a harmonious and relaxed living situation.

Don’t be messy

Tidiness is the single most crucial rule when you share a house or a flat. There is nothing worse than having to clean up your house mates mess. And it will definitely deteriorate your house relations. Even if you’re not a very tidy person, you should at least limit the mess to your own room.

A good way to ensure the house is kept clean and tidy is establishing a cleaning schedule. You need to specify who does what and in what time frame. It will not only make communication easier, but also make it harder for the lazy house mate to try and avoid their responsibilities. Number one priority though: do your own dishes!

The unwritten rules for living in a student house

Know who you’re moving in with

It might not always be possible to move in with your friends. Especially if you’re just getting started with university and don’t know a lot of people yet. Nonetheless, if you’re deciding to move in with strangers, you should make sure beforehand that you all will be getting along. Of course you can move out later at some point. However, it would still be a shame for your first shared living experience to be a bad one. To avoid that happening, it is always a good idea to get to know the people you want to move in with in advance. Check if you guys actually click.

Pay your share

All of you are probably students and most likely, all of you won’t have that much money at your disposal. Therefore, it is essential that you pay your share in everything and that you pay on time. Money is an uncomfortable topic. Spare your house mates the hassle of having to ask you for it because you didn’t contribute, or are late with your payments. If you and your house mates are having trouble to coordinate, it can help to have a joint account for any mutual purchases, living costs, or else.

The unwritten rules for living in a student house

Don’t be in each other’s business

It’s nice if you’re getting close to your flat mates and sharing things with each other. However, not everyone likes that and you need to respect other people’s boundaries. It is important for you to establish your personal space and communicate it to your house mates as well. Same goes with all personal belongings, as long as not agreed upon, you need to leave your hands off each other’s stuff too!

Be polite

We all know it can be frustrating sometimes when you live with someone, you might know that from living with your family. Things can get heated and create an atmosphere of resentment or hostility, which you want to avoid. Therefore, be nice, be polite and don’t snap at each other, even if you had a bad day. They might have as well! And finally: If you’re having any trouble with anyone, stay calm and communicate it. It is very likely they didn’t realise they’re doing something that irritates you. Communication really is key.

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