A personal statement is an essential document alongside an application form that a university requires from a student. This is a student’s way to express themselves and prove to their chosen university why they would be an ideal candidate amongst thousands of applicants. As a student, you want to showcase the best possible version of yourself to ensure acceptance. Therefore, I have presented 3 points as to why completing a personal statement is important.


Your personal statement represents you. It has the ability to showcase all your talents, achievements, previous experiences and skills. It is important as it is your chance to sell yourself and demonstrate why you would be an asset to your chosen university. Additionally, having a personal statement that includes your abilities will heavily support your application – therefore, differentiating you from other students. 

It allows the student to stand out

As previously mentioned, a personal statement is required to represent you. There are thousands of applications so students must write a convincing case that represents themselves to appear unique from other candidates. Likewise, every university course is competitive so students must include why they chose a specific course and how the university can help them as this would add weight to their skill set and entire application. 

Interview preparation 

Some university courses require students to undergo an interview. The interviewer can refer to your personal statement and ask questions surrounding your previous experience, interests and qualifications – in which you will be prepared for. You are less likely to be hit with questions you are not prepared for as you, the student, have written the personal statement. Hence the importance of not making information up or getting an outside party to write for you as the university wants to get to know you and not someone else.

Overall, personal statements are nothing to worry about, in fact, they are required to assist your application and uplift you as a person so take your time and thoroughly plan out what you want to include and how you will execute it. 

Furthermore, for students who require additional tips on how to write a personal statement or what to include, please visit the Study Britannia website, under “our services” go to “career profile and application service” to find “10 Tips to Writing an Effective Personal Statement”. Remember, our professional officers can help with additional queries so do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck with writing your personal statement and keep positive!

Jenise Chisholm