English is a language that is taught and practised in universities in both the UK and the US. There is a correlation between the two systems and countries. However, they are quite contrary. Let us examine the different perspectives of each system.

An Initial Start

English students begin primary school after the age of five and the intake happens in September. Moreover, the UK Government provides 15 hours of free school education 40 weeks a year. On the other hand, it takes a capacity test and approvals to get an American student into primary school. They believe in the habit of early learning. Previous research shows that quality education before the age of four has numerous advantages that include competitive salary, grades and a greater chance of being successful in life and work. 


In the case of British Education, the level of education is considerably large in primary schools. The students have an in-depth understanding of each subject at every step. Whereas the US education system believes in focusing, there is limited examination for students as they must study all the general subjects from elementary school to high school – that makes them familiar with it. They graduate with a high school diploma that is a grade higher than British qualifications. In contrast, English students are concentrated on academic studies and exams with an emphasis on interactive education and improving their basic knowledge of mathematics and science. Whereas the American academies system is considered to be slower than in the UK.


British schools are infamous for the request of uniforms – often a blazer and tie. Previous scholars have suggested that wearing a uniform conceives control. Moreover, a uniform is a symbol of unity and equality. It supports decreasing the boundary between different groups of students. In the UK, students get books and textbooks for free from the UK Government, sponsors or Governors but must purchase their own uniform and stationery. Besides that, free school meals are offered to low-income families, in the initial years of their education. Meanwhile, in American schools, students are not required to wear a uniform.


Students initially start with storytelling and colouring. However, they must manage the school timing from 9 am – 4 pm every day. In the British curriculum, there is a blend of state and private schools. In the case of state school, students must attend primary school till the age of 12. Whereas in the private school, initially, they start from a prep school and then leave to enrol into a secondary school at the age of 16 and directly join college after the completion of it – this is known to be the last two years of their education. The British curriculum mainly puts more importance on GCSE subjects. Whereas in America, the students have more liberty to choose among the alternatives. They can pursue the SAT and other national exams. These are the only real graded tests needed to enrol in college.