University can be intimidating for some students as it is a profound societal change for them. Many Universities have specific societies that students can choose from and join. Joining a community has many beneficial outcomes for students, especially those trying to fit in. Listed below are some benefits as to why students should join University societies.

  • Enhance your Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Learning New Skills

Joining a society has positive benefits for individuals, especially if you have a specific position (e.g. secretary). Students can learn new soft skills which are beneficial to their CV. Suppose students include experiences and expand on how their skills, this will demonstrate to an employer their ability to perform. Additionally, students can develop skills such as leadership, communication, events planning, handling budgets and more. These are just examples of how your resume can stand out from other University applicants.

  • Friends/ Networking Opportunities

Joining a University society is an easy way of making friends. University can be an intimidating place as most students are away from home; therefore, befriending people within the community will allow you to feel relaxed and more confident. Additionally, you will learn about various backgrounds and religions, which is essential to understand. Besides finding long-term friends, there are networking opportunities available as many societies join or collaborate with others so enabling the change of students building connections. These connections can profit the students for future graduate job vacancies after their studies.

Perhaps you could turn your hobby into a career, so why not consider it.

  • Practising Time Management 

Employers lookout for candidates whose resumes present them as an all-round interesting person As more people are going to University, it is hard to distinguish applications. By joining societies and extracurricular activities, your CV will enhance so you’ll appear more employable. Additionally, employers will be able to acknowledge that you carry time management and organisational skills from balancing your studies and being in a society. These types of skills are essential when working in a corporate job and necessary for everyday life.

Overall, joining a society is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So get stuck in!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not comfortable, but try to do your best to get stuck in as there are many opportunities and unique experiences to gain from this. Joining a society is a great way to spend your free time at University and expand your connections. 

Good luck, and enjoy studying!