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IELTS University Requirements

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International students are required to do the International English Language Test or IELTES before applying for Universities. There are 1.000 IELTS test locations worldwide so you can either do it in your own country or once you are in the UK. All British universities accept IELTS results. As long as you have reached the [...]

The Perks of Living in Town for University

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So you’ve decided to go to university and you know what you want to study. Great! But where are you going to live? There are many options for housing to choose from depending on many different factors: How many people do you want to live with? How big do you want your garden? But [...]

The Perks of Living on Campus for University

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Once the course is booked and your place at university is confirmed, it may seem like the tricky bit is out of the way. However, deciding on and finding the right place to live can be a tough decision to make in its own right. A huge question that you need to consider in [...]

10 Free Apps for Tracking Your Student Budget

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Ask any student and they’ll tell you that saving money is a top priority for them. Whether it be bulk buying noodles or walking instead of using the tube, now more than ever personal finances for students are in need of management. That’s where these apps come in: free to use and helping you [...]

Brexit and what it means for EU students: Part 1

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Brexit; or the process of the UK leaving the European Union, is a daunting situation for most because people know so little about it and what it can mean for them, even those within our governments. With so many different sources proposing different conclusions to the Brexit scenario, it can be difficult to understand [...]

How much does it cost to study an MBA in the UK?

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MBAs are postgraduate degrees, however the prices differ more than a traditional postgraduate degree. The MBA is internationally recognised all over the world, enhancing your capabilities while developing the flair necessary for managing and motivating people, but, economically, it can be an expensive exercise. So here is the question, how much does it cost [...]