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Health Education in England

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Health Education England or HEE is the new national leadership organization for education, training and workforce development in the health sector. The health education support excellent healthcare and health improvement so that students of today and tomorrow have the right skills, values, and behaviors.  Before going into detail about the Health Education it is [...]

Brexit and what it means for EU students: Part 1

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Brexit; or the process of the UK leaving the European Union, is a daunting situation for most because people know so little about it and what it can mean for them, even those within our governments. With so many different sources proposing different conclusions to the Brexit scenario, it can be difficult to understand [...]

How much does it cost to study an MBA in the UK?

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MBAs are postgraduate degrees, however the prices differ more than a traditional postgraduate degree. The MBA is internationally recognised all over the world, enhancing your capabilities while developing the flair necessary for managing and motivating people, but, economically, it can be an expensive exercise. So here is the question, how much does it cost [...]

How much a postgraduate degree costs in the UK?

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Now that we have covered how much an undergraduate degree costs, you probably are wondering how much a postgraduate degree costs in the UK. The maximum cost of an undergraduate degree in the UK is £9,250, however, how much does a postgraduate cost? The price of a postgraduate course can vary greatly between different [...]