The cost of study in the United Kingdom might be overwhelming for many international students. However, the amount of opportunities that this nation offers to the student society is unparalleled. Therefore, nothing should hold back students from coming and exploring the possibilities. Many students take loans to study further, while the thought of repaying the loan itself is intimidating, the added cost of maintenance and expenditure make students feel burdened.

While working part-time is always an option, implementing some simple strategies will help you to efficiently cut unnecessary costs. Here are few of those strategies while students can adapt to while studying in the United Kingdom:

Off-Campus Living

While it is recommend to live in the institution’s premises in your initial days, it will help you to socialise and make new friends. While living on-campus offers a number of conveniences, it makes for a considerable part of your monthly expenditure. Therefore, it is recommended to live off-campus as you can save a chunk of your money. With the opportunity to share your accommodation, room and even the bills, you will certainly cut the unnecessary costs. However, sharing accommodation might take toll on your privacy however, when you will have a look at your balance at the end of the month, you will definitely won’t mind sharing.

Buying Used Textbooks

More often the projected tuition fees does not include the costs of study material that you will be needing while on your course. While library makes for a free alternative to get books, however you might encounter times when your desired book is issued by another student. You might wait for a couple of days until it is available again but that might take a toll on your studies.

One alternative could be to buy a textbook of your own to avert any wastage of time, however keeping in mind the costs of textbooks, it does not make for an economical option.

We would recommend buying used textbooks online for more savings. You can find really good used examples on Ebay and other sites.

Student Discounts

United Kingdom is a nation that is known to offer humongous discounts to students. From barber shops, clothing stores and tourism spots to travelling, you can save a lot of money if you are able to show your student ID on demand. Many students forget to carry their ID whenever they head out, which results in them spending considerable more money on things which could have costed way less. Unidays is a website which specifically offers loads of discounts to students upon registration.

There are many more ways to save money as a student, you will learn the hacks eventually.