Deciding to go for higher education is one thing, and deciding to pursue it from overseas is altogether next level. The number of alternatives might baffle you and may lead you somewhere, you did not wish to be. Preparing to study abroad entails a lot more than what meets the eye. Apart from choosing a course and paying for your tuition fees; hunting for your accommodation, making adequate arrangements for your visa and living expenses, it seems like the list of tasks to get right is endless!

Half a decade of service and more than five thousand applications later we take pride in successfully placing and helping 95% of students pursue their dreams in their chosen universities. Yes, we make it happen!

At Study Britannia, we measure our success with our student’s and client’s success. This means, we go beyond just handling your application and processing it to the concerned university. We strive to build a bond with students, getting to know their choices and then guiding them as to what will complement their career. We are adamant in helping our students make informed decisions, backed by our counsellor’s inimitable expertise.

What makes our counsellors stand apart?

Providing a student with a professional consultant is something which every agency does. We believe in providing someone you them through the various options available as per your qualifications.

Higher education is no doubt a life-changing adventure, and it is imperative to receive first-hand advice from someone who has actually walked the same path you are just mulling to tread upon. All of our counsellors are young professionals, who have up to date knowledge of the admissions process and legal requirements.

We do not call ourselves the ‘specialists’ for no reason

At Study Britannia, from nurturing your choices, to submitting your application to preparing you for your visa, we look after everything when it comes to your seamless settlement abroad.