Surviving University life can be quite a challenge, from sleep deprivation to doing all-nighters and forcing those eyes to stay awake! From having a diet full of pot noodles and bread- We all survived. The time after graduating can feel like the most freeing and exciting moments in your life. You’ve worked so hard to complete your degree and finish successfully so this break is a time you should take advantage of.

It can be quite overwhelming to figure out what to do next, whether that is to take a gap year, work or go back into education to do your post-graduate degree. We often see this time to relax and that is okay for a little while, however, it is important to utilise this time to start developing your skills. Below we have a few tips on how to survive the blues after graduating:

Give it a thought

You have to develop a plan and outline all that you want to do and achieve so you can plan how to get there. Create a structure and schedule when you are on your way to discovering your career path. Most importantly, don’t overwhelm yourself and always remember that everyone is on their own path and has their own timeline. Don’t compare your journey to that of others.

Survive and prepare

Prepare for all and any opportunities which come your way such as; last-minute interviews, phone interviews or any such interview. Ensure that you have practiced some common interview questions to build your confidence, have an up-to-date CV and also have one or two interview outfits ready which are your go-to. Doing all of this will allow you to focus more on the bigger picture of your job prospects and will increase your confidence as each application.

Develop your skills & increase your experience

Acquiring knowledge in life doesn’t end after you have completed your education, it is a lifelong process where you continuously keep absorbing all. Learn new things willingly, take some classes and attend workshops that relate to your career aspirations. Often graduates don’t realise the importance of interview prep- in these situations the more interviews the better. Even if you have the opportunity to attend some that you don’t view as your ideal job, take it. Because that is the only way you can practice and allow the nerves to be non-existent.

Building and establishing new skills within yourself is highly favored by employers as it shows initiative and a willingness to learn.

Every student feels as though they are in limbo after they have graduated but remember… that time is really important. You can reinvent yourself, revamp yourself and just wind down before the adult world hits. You have to remember that it is all worth it and part of the education life.