Alright, you got a place at your preferred university (congratulations btw!), everything is sorted but now the biggest question is: Where are you going to live? If you aren’t blessed with parents who live close to your university, you have to move out and find your own place… Welcome to student life.

We all know that London is ridiculously expensive but here are some advices for renting while going to university.

What you need to know:

A lease in London varies usually from six months to one year. Getting a flat can be very spontaneous because the offer for it tends to go really quickly. As soon as you find something decent and not too expensive, take it! There are many chances that you’re not the only one who is interested in the offer. If you want to decide whether you move in now or later on, there is a high possibility that the place is already taken. Nobody will wait for you but don’t be pressured to take a flat which is over your budget and read the contract very careful!

The most important thing when renting is reading the contract carefully before you sign it. Yes, even the really small print. If you are unlucky, it could cost you a lot of money because there are a lot of hidden costs like high agency fees or credit search.

The options available to you:

It’s advisable to check out a flat that is not too far from your university because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to commute two hours. Maybe you are wondering where, economically speaking, is better to live in terms of costs? A quick example: Let’s assume your university is located in Zone 1. Your rent in Zone 2 is £639 + your travel card which roughly costs £131 which adds up to £770. Compare that to the cost of renting in Zone 5, where a zone 1 – 5 travel card costs £223 but the rent is much lower, roughly under £500 for a room in a flat share. You can save a lot of money by not living in Central London. But don’t forget about the long commute.

If you have enough money in your first year, try to get a room in a student hall but be aware that it is more expensive than a similar sized room somewhere else. Living in a student hall is a good opportunity to make new friends and to get to know other people in general.

If you are looking for some websites for finding a flat share you can check out these options: spareroom, roombuddies or easyroommate.

The perfect timing for searching a flat is the end of June/beginning of July, because a lot of students graduate and move out of their flats. This is a good time to find a new flat because in that time, a lot of landlords need new tenants.

We hope you will find the right flat for yourself!!