Millions of people across the world eagerly wait for Black Friday. They have a very good reason to do so; Lucrative Deals, wide assortment of products and the whole festive vibe of Christmas creep, make Black Friday a pragmatic day to start shopping for Christmas. While the sale day attracts a lot of attention, not all of it is coming from the discount and deals it offers. With the humongous amount of people rushing to the stores for deals, mishaps are bound to happen. Some are interesting, while some have transcended the very extreme. Here, have a look-

Pepper Spray

Los Angeles in 2011 witnessed a bizarre incident on Black Friday. A woman who was patiently waiting at a Wal-Mart store for the items to be unveiled pulled out a pepper spray and began spraying on other customers once the Items were unveiled. This called for police intervention and the woman later surrendered.

Her idea was to keep the items she wanted to herself and keep other customers from making a dash for them.


This can be deemed as the gravest incident that ever took place on Black Friday. Two women began fighting over an item in “TOYS R US” in Palm Desert, California. They both were accompanied by men who pulled out their respective guns and shot each other to death. This created a stampede like situation and other shoppers ran for their lives.

Jumping the Line

A 21-year-old cut in line of customers, standing outside a store in Madison, Wisconsin. When confronted, she threatened them of dire consequences if they did not let her enter the store before them. All this while she was pointing a pistol at the customers.

Grab it if you can

In 2005, at a Walmart store in Orlando, employees were throwing laptops at the customers, who in return were expected to fight for them. Many customers were left badly bruised, and some of them even fought security who were dressed in civil clothes.

Attempted Robbery

Three men coming out of a store in California with their purchase were confronted by a bunch of robbers who demanded their items. Upon retaliation, robbers opened fire with one of the victims getting shot on the neck.