Job automation has a number of advantages. Increased productivity, greater accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced efficacy are some of the many. However, owing to these positives, jobs have been pushed to the verge of extinction with many of them already gone obsolete, while some of them are in the pipeline of being deemed bygone.

According to a recent study, people are now concerned about the future of their jobs, more than the remuneration they will get. This has become an important criterion while selecting their profession.

Although, there is massive information available over the web regarding the impact of AI and technology on jobs, keeping in mind the rapid transformations that are taking place and the introduction of disrupting technology every day, you never know which job would be cannibalised by the growing advancements.

On delving deeper in this regard, we came up with some professions that we believe are future proof and it will be next to impossible for technology to take over them:

Marketing Communications and Design

Machines might be good at mechanical work, they might perform analysis and reports, however, what they severely lack is the ability to come up with exciting ideas and convey something in a creative way. Therefore, having said this, creative jobs may well-be future proof.

We need to understand that machines do not, and apparently cannot function as humans. The creativity, and ideas that a human mind can generate, no technology can reach close to that level. Not yet, at least.

Healthcare Professional

Some roles have human interaction as a pre-requisite. The role of a Healthcare professional very much falls into this category. For instance, nursing requires robust communication and interpersonal skills, which you probably cannot expect from any technology at the moment. That sense of empathy and a fostering touch, are hardest to fill.

No matter how advanced the technology gets, there are some roles that are not replaceable at least for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is recommended to choose your career path wisely.