As cases in the UK are currently on the rise, the UK government has decided to enforce a new rule called ‘the rule of six’. The ‘rule of six’ simply means that you can only have group gatherings of up to a maximum of 6 people – a gathering of more than 6 people is banned and the police can enforce these legal limits. Breaking the rule can get you up to a fine of £3200.
“Julia Buckingham, the head of Brunel University London and the president of Universities UK, also warned that universities needed local test centres to be operational to stop students potentially spreading the virus. Speaking exclusively to I, Professor Buckingham said universities would try to manage social distancing requirements within their “existing disciplinary procedures”. “I don’t think we need a lot more red tape and protocols,” she said. However, she said universities would be “engaging with the local police” and “would never interfere with the legal process”. Universities would be “proportionate”, and their first response would be to “make sure that we are informing students clearly and responsibly about what their responsibilities are”.
The ‘rule of six’ took effect on September 14, 2020 (Monday) – how long this new rule will last will depend on the pandemic cases (increase/decrease) and the UK government guidelines. Our advice for students is to always comply with the UK government guidelines which are:
1. Always wash your hands, especially if you have gone out to the public
2. Always wear a mask when going out to the public
3. Always bring and use a hand sanitizer
4. Avoid any form of contact with your eyes, nose and mouth
5. Keep a 2-meter distance with everyone (social distancing)
6. Avoid crowded places, and keep meeting up with classmates/friends to a minimum
7. If you have a fever, cough or headache, stay at home till you have recovered
8. Keep up-to-date with the latest news on the Covid-19 situation and always follow the UK government guidelines.
Keep in mind, that your chosen university will have guidelines adhering to the current UK government guidelines – please follow them. Finally, know that if you have a gathering or are attending a party of more than 6 people, your university are allowed to report it to the police (even if it’s for education purposes).