Everybody has a hidden trait, or we can say, the potential to become a leader. While many do illustrate leadership attributes – many are still far away from it. The harsh reality of today’s world is – we are governed by leaders who lack leadership qualities in the first place. And the worst part? Even after billions of pounds of corporate investment, leaders at every position, and in every industry still find themselves in ‘leadership traps’ that surface to the brim only when performance, revenue or employee morale starts trending in the wrong direction.

 We have identified some of the reasons that cause leaders to fail-

Living in an Ego Cloud

Leadership and ego, do not go in hand in hand. Instead of inculpating someone else for a failure, facing the pain of self-failure is the key to success. A good leader will effortlessly take ego out of the picture and will reflect upon himself, maybe he/she is contributing to the. Ego is an element which obscures the good factor in something and blindfolds an individual with a veil of societal loathing.

Rallying the Wrong Troops

It is often observed that as humans when we are stuck in an ethical dilemma of doing something, we yearn for that cozy blanket of our loved ones to help us sail through. Our subconscious mind already knows the answer to a situation, however, we want to hear it from someone, to help us provide that last push of persuasion to do something that we already wanted to do. This kind of behavior might help in a certain situation, but it suffocates the true meaning of leadership.

A leader needs to be assertive of his own actions that he has already performed or is planning to perform. Instead of searching for a biased ‘on my side’ response, a leader should choose a neutral overview to keep the problem from perpetuating.

There is no hack for leadership. It shows in the leader’s outlook towards getting things done. The reasons discussed above are just a few from the list of many. There is always a scope for improvement, and a leader should not convince himself that he/she is perfect. That is when the ego seeps in and ruins the game.