Flexible working has been deemed as the future of workplaces around the globe. In fact, it is touted that in the future, organizations might dissolve their current workplaces and adopt a remote working environment to drastically cut down on operational costs. At present, 54% of professionals operate on a purely flexible calendar according to the ONS. The numbers are mind-blowing if we compare to a puny 9.5% of people having access to remote working in 1999.

The main reason why organisations around the globe are emphasizing on remote working lies in concordance with the idea of furnishing employees with space to better juggle between their personal and professional life. Although the system is curated for the benefit of employees, many still have been able to raise concerns over the practice.

1/3rd of employees across the globe feel that while flexible working provides them with adequate time to spend with friends and family, it creates a tad more work for them. A similar proportion of people believe that their career might take a hit if they remotely work for an organisation, as in the future they might find it difficult to adapt to a company’s work culture sans any remote working aspect.

Therefore, what are the pros and cons of a remote working environment?

Negatives Positives
Lack of regular contact with colleagues might hamper idea generation and lead to an impacted cohesiveness of the team. Potential savings to the employers as they will dramatically save on their operations cost, with lesser energy bills and reduced office rental.
Employers might land themselves discrimination claims if they only offer this privilege to working parents and caregivers. Works perfectly in favor of working parents and caregivers. Translates into less turnover and much higher talent retention.
Employers might have concerns about lesser control and awareness of work being done. According to research by CIPD, those who work remotely take lesser sick leaves.


While the technology is undoubtedly disrupting the future of working, will the idea of making remote working a mandate, farewell with the people of the future?

We’ll have to wait for that.