Pre-Masters Studies in the UK

A Pre-Master’s degree is to improve your English language skills before entering your Master’s degree. If you are an international student who requires extra assistance in English language comprehension, you will take this degree before entering a higher level degree. It allows more preparation for the UK education styles and English language for international students who are interested in a Masters or PhD.

Preparation in the Pre-Masters Degree can range from presentation and interpersonal skills to English comprehension and course comprehension.

Entry Requirements

Depending on your level of English, you can have your Pre-Masters degree last from two months to two years. You must have at least an IETLS score of 5.5 to apply for the Pre-Master’s degree.

If you are interested in a postgraduate degree as an international student, you must first meet the requirement for the Pre-Masters degree. During your free consultation, we can help to assess your higher education readiness.

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