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Applying to a UK university may seem difficult to plan, with many steps and processes to get through. This is why Study Britannia is the right place, where you can find support and assistance every step of the way.

Our professionals can provide you with the right help, whether you need to find and secure a place at your chosen university, or simply just helping you to complete a CV or personal statement to an appropriate standard. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, efficiency and speed as well as our wide range of services, listed below.

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Applying for University

Our guide on the documentation needed to help you to complete your university application, as well as suggestions on how you can get started  writing your CV and personal statement.

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Student Finance

Read our guide to see what you may be entitled to financially to start and keep up the student life.

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Career Profile and Application Service

Study Britannia assists you in elevating your CV and personal statements through grammar, spelling and translation checks, to make your application stand out.

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Translation Service

We translate personal statement, CVs and reference letters from a variety of languages as well as facilitate the process of preparing international graduation certificates for UK higher education facilities.

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Additional Support

Always ready to lend an ear and helping hand, Study Britannia team is here to provide any additional logistical help with the university application process.

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If you are attempting to find somewhere to live while you study, we can help find you appropriate lodgings. These range from flat-shares to independent living apartments.

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IELTS Support

We can provide you with the necessary training you need to gain and prove your English proficiency, preparing for IELTS examination.

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Planning to study and choosing a course is an exciting moment in your life. Getting the right financial advice and support is a crucial step in the decision-making process. Our dedicated student counsellors would be happy to assist you to choose the right programme which best suits your future professional goals.

We can also provide expertise and guidance on funding your tuition fees, living costs and managing your money to get best out of your student experience in London.

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