Tuition aside, to study in the UK you need somewhere to sleep, eat, study in quiet and relax. For this, you will need to find accommodation, and there are a variety of options to choose from in regard.

Study Britannia is here to assist you in making the right choice when it comes to accommodation, consulting and liaising with housing agents and advising on valid, available and convenient options for you to study in the UK.


A ‘home away from home’, homestays give you extra security, as well as the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in UK culture that you need by setting you up in the house of a family, couple or single person living in the area of your university. Rooms are usually provided on a self-catered or catered basis, depending on whether you want to have your meals cooked for you, as houses are provided with all the normal kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Student Residences

By far the most popular option for UK students concerning living conditions in their first year of university, student residences or ‘halls’ is areas of housing specifically for students, usually next to or nearby to the university institution of which they are owned by. Non-students are not allowed to live in halls, so they are a great chance to socialise within the student community as well as guarantee that you will be staying near to your university or will have good transport links to get there.

House or Flatshare

For those hoping a further degree of privacy and quiet than halls, it may be more interesting living in a house or flatshare. These are houses and apartments occupied mostly by students. However, they are usually situated further away from the campus than student accommodation, and may sometimes be shared with non-students or university graduates. They are an excellent balance of homestays and halls, as they provide some space from the rest of the university while still allowing people to engage in the social scene.

Studio Apartments

If independence is more important to you, a studio apartment may be more appropriate. Studios usually contain a single bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, and are designed to house one or two people. This makes them ideal for people looking for a convenient and low-price way to experience living on their own, or for couples.

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