Rihanna, a popular name in the music industry, signifies skill with pure hard work. She is known for her extraordinary personality and dazzling voice that draws in millions. She was born in the year 1988 in North America. She is the eldest amongst three siblings. Her parents were divorced when she was just 14 years of age. Resulting in grappling headaches for several years. She began singing in high school as a hobby with her friends. Consequently, from meeting a famous producer – Evan Rogers – her life instantaneously changed. Rogers was fascinated with her voice and presented her a deal to record music for him. 


Rihanna composed and recorded a dozen songs for Rogers. Then she started the search to find a famous production house to trade her music. Rihanna went to Jam Recordings, in which the singer popularly known as Jay-Z was the owner. After listening to her songs, the rapper offered her a recording contract. Her initial song was released in 2005 with the same production house. She accomplished great success in a short amount of time and wished to achieve more with the back to back albums. Rihanna sold more than 40 million albums and 180 million singles globally, addressing her as one of the most successful business artists of all time. 


Most of her songs rank among the world’s best singles list, such as Disturbia. After the successful albums, she was offered collaborations with many musicians and songwriters. Furthermore, Rihanna won 7 Grammy Awards, 9 American Music Awards and 23 Billboard Awards, which lead to her recognition as The Digital Song Artist of the decade. Rihanna has also been acknowledged for her frequent switching of fashion and vision, which varies drastically after her song Good Girl Gone Bad. In 2012, she was published as ‘The 4th Most Powerful Women in the Business’ by Forbes. Whereas, she made a jump in the top 100 influentials in the world list. Furthermore, In 2015, she won a Fashion Icon award from The Fashion Council of America. Forbes uploaded a list of her important accomplishments in the field of music and humanity. 


Rihanna has since evolved her love for fashion into a business – Fenty – By Rihanna. 2017, made way for Rihanna as she was known as one the first black women in beauty to be successfully recognised. Her brand, Fenty Beauty, operates as a pedestal over luxury makeup brands such as MAC, NARS and Bobby Brown as they all offer a wide selection of dark skin shades. Additionally, Rihanna has made room for a lingerie, pajama and loungewear section named Savage X Fenty in which she has featured a range of models sizing from slim to plus size. Moreover, Fenty Wardrobe, another section from Fenty – Rihanna, offers it’s consumers clothing and accessories in which they can purchase at an affordable price. Essentially, Rihanna has profited from this business making her the wealthiest female musicians of all time shooting past celebrities such as Beyonce. Rihanna currently has a net worth of $550 Million.


As  one of the most publicly generous artists, has donated  $7 million to Coronavirus Support efforts and contributed $2 million to exploit victims in LA.


This story is not just about success. It is also about hard work and never-ending motivation to achieve a target. The way she fought all the circumstances is a great inspiration for the youth.


– Kshitij Gupta