Are you thinking about what kind of job you’d like in the future? It’s hard to know what jobs will be in demand, especially with technology and the global economy changing so fast. But some industries are expected to grow, and we’ll explore some of those here.


Healthcare is an industry that will need more workers in the future. As people get older and technology gets better, there will be a higher demand for healthcare services. Jobs in healthcare can include doctors, nurses, medical assistants, or administrative staff.

Furthermore, one fast-growing area in healthcare is telemedicine. That’s when people get medical care from home using video calls. Telemedicine is getting more popular, especially since COVID-19. Healthcare professionals who are good at telemedicine will be in demand.

To get ready for a healthcare career, think about going to school for nursing or medical assisting. You can also look at certification programs for telemedicine.


Technology is always changing, and there will be many jobs in this field that are in demand. Some of the fastest-growing areas in technology include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Firstly, cybersecurity is important for businesses that work online. There are more cyber attacks and data breaches than ever before, and companies need people to help them stay safe. To get into this area, consider getting a degree in computer science or a related field.

Secondly, artificial intelligence (AI) is another area of technology that is expected to grow. AI means making computer programs that can learn and get better over time. This makes it useful for many industries. Jobs in AI range from data scientists and machine learning engineers to AI researchers and developers.

Thirdly, data science is also growing in the technology industry. More companies are using data, so they need people who can make sense of it. Getting a degree in statistics, math, or computer science can help you prepare for a career in data science.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an industry that will grow in the future. People are worried about climate change and want energy sources that are better for the environment. There will be more demand for professionals who can develop and use renewable energy.

Jobs in renewable energy can include engineers, technicians, project managers, or policy analysts. Going to school for engineering or environmental science can help you get started in this industry. Additionally, you can look at certification programs for solar or wind power.


The education industry will also grow in the future. People want to keep learning and improving, so there will be more demand for educators who can help them. This includes teachers, professors, instructional designers, and curriculum developers.

To get ready for an education career, you can think about getting a degree in education or a related field. You can also look at certification programs for online learning or instructional design.

Green Industry

The green industry is a new area that includes businesses focused on sustainability and environmental conservation. This industry will grow as more companies want to reduce their environmental impact and be more sustainable.

Jobs in the green industry can include renewable energy technicians, sustainability coordinators, and environmental engineers. Going to school for environmental science, sustainability, or engineering can help you get started. Additionally, you can look at certification programs for green technology or environmental conservation.


To sum up, it’s hard to know what jobs will be in demand in the future. However, healthcare, technology, renewable energy, education, and the green industry are all areas that are expected to grow.