Are you curious about an international opportunity to spice up your CV with an internship in London? Whether you’re fascinated by finance, communication, marketing, fashion, or anything else. Here in London, we are ready to welcome you to work in some of the most successful corporations in the market. You can partake in an internship programme for up to 6 months or more than that during which you will likely earn a monthly or weekly wage. Study Britannia will help you to find a company suitable for your career advancement.

You don’t have to worry about accommodation and travel, as we have a team of professionals to assist you in these areas. This internship programme is convenient for candidates who are currently enrolled at university, have already obtained their degree, or, if not the latter, have related work experience in the field they would like to pursue their training in. As all of the programmes are administered through Study Britannia, you will obtain legitimate compensation, guidance, and assistance.

Fields of Study

Study Britannia offers internships in nearly every possible field in every level of university education. The fields we offer programs in are:

  • Business Intelligence
  • International Business
  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Operations
  • Business Development
  • Business Consulting
  • Marketing Communication
  • Sales Marketing
  • Sales and online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding and PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Office Management
  • Receptionist
  • Web Design
  • Video Design
  • HR
  • IT/Technical Support
  • Content Creator

If your field is not listed, please contact

These programmes are specifically designed for students, recent graduates or young professionals who are amenable to gain additional work experience in the field they would like to pursue their career prospects.

Winter Programmes

Internship Type Duration Price
Paid  Upto 6 Months / More than 6 Months £300 / £450
Unpaid  Upto 6 Months / More than 6 Months £250 / £350

Summer Programmes

Internship Type Duration Price
Paid  Upto 6 Months / More than 6 Months £400 / £550
Unpaid  Upto 6 Months / More than 6 Months £350 / £450

Study Britannia takes care of the entire process of an internship/traineeship placement in London. It is difficult to find an appropriate placement on your own in London, as companies are difficult to approach and persuade. Study Britannia process is as follows:

Registration: You must register online through the form on our website, without obligation and free of charge.

  1. First contact: A Study Britannia representative will personally get in contact with you. Then, you make an appointment for an intake, which can be at our location in London, or via Skype. This is also without any obligation and free of charge.
  2. Intake: During the intake, we discuss your internship needs and explain the Study Britannia process. We want to gain an impression of you and your personal motivation. This is also without any obligation and free of charge.
  3. Selection: Based on the intake, we will decide whether we will begin a placement. To participate in a program in London you do not need to have the highest grades, but your motivation is essential. In some cases, we may decide on an additional interview in English. This will take place by phone with one of our representatives.

Article 1. Definitions
The terms of this agreement are defined as follows:

Study Britannia: Based in London
Applicant: Any person who fills out a Study Britannia application and has an interview with a study Britannia representative. This person is free of any obligations up until the point of paying the deposit (post interview)
Participant: Any person to whom Study Britannia provides its service, or any person with whom Study Britannia has an agreement or with whom Study Britannia is in negotiation of an agreement
Position: The tasks and description of the program of the host company provided to the participant by Study Britannia
Agreement: Any arrangement made between Study Britannia and the participant or any change that follows

Article 2. Obligations of Study Britannia
Study Britannia is obligated to provide the services that are sold.

Article 3. Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions: One or more terms developed in order to include a number of agreements, with the exception of terms that form the core of the common language.

The one taking part in a Study Britannia program, called the participant, must agree to the general conditions or they must make it clear if something in the agreement is unknown. The participant agrees to these terms upon payment of the deposit.

Article 4. Give the approval of the Terms & Conditions
Filling out the application form is free of obligations. After filling out the application form, the applicant can have an obligation-free interview with a Study Britannia representative. Study Britannia and the applicant may come to an agreement during this interview. After possibly coming to an agreement about a program during the interview, the applicant has the option to pay the deposit. By paying the deposit, the applicant agrees to the terms and conditions and becomes a participant.

Article 5. Canceling the program
Article 5a: Study Britannia is not liable for the results of the participant during the program period at the host company. If the participant gets fired due to the fault of the participant, Study Britannia can find another program placement.

Article 5b: Study Britannia is not liable or responsible for any problems arising due to the school results of the participant. If the participant’s school results for any reason effect the program dates or their ability to take part in the program, the participant will still be charged the full mediation cost of the program.

Article 6. Flight
Article 6a: If there is any change in the flight to the destination, Study Britannia is not responsible. If the participant is not present on the start date of his or her program, or if the host company cancels the program, Study Britannia is not responsible. The participant has the option of having Study Britannia look for a new program for an additional fee.

Article 7. Housing
Housing will be arranged by the participant together with Study Britannia if needed. The participant must reserve the actual housing upon arrival, with assistance from Study Britannia. Study Britannia does not guarantee housing quality such as facilities, hygiene, furniture, or safety. Study Britannia is not responsible for possible damage or disturbance caused by the participant.

Article 8. Application & Payments
Article 8a: The filling out of the application form by the applicant on the Study Britannia website is free of obligation. The applicant will be contacted after filling out the application form to set up an intake interview. During this interview, the applicant will discuss his or her internship needs and come to an agreement with the Study Britannia representative. If the applicant wishes to continue using the services of Study Britannia, he or she will then pay the deposit and sign the Program Agreement. Paying the deposit and signing the Program Agreement also means agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Study Britannia. The applicant will not be charged for the deposit until he or she agrees to continue using the services of Study Britannia.

Apply for Internships in London

Duration & Compensation

There are no definite start dates for internships in London so you can apply for them throughout the year. Internships are typically for 6 months (shorter or longer terms may be available upon request). We commence our selection process 1 month before the start date of any internship, but conditions may apply. You will be working for a minimum of 32 hours per week with some of the most skilled professionals in each field. Please note that holidays are not always included, depending on the corporation. Study Britannia offers paid, and unpaid, positions in London whereas some companies may remunerate with offers of housing, lunch expenses or transportation.

What’s Included

Guaranteed Internship


Career Speaker Series

Housing in City Centre

Weekend Activities

Internship Workshops


On-Site Support

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no official application deadline. We close applications as soon as the available spots are filled. You don’t want to miss out on this!

We operate with both small and large companies, with authorised internship programmes.

You will stay in high-quality student housing, located in the heart of the city. Transport connections are just a short walk away. Living and socialising alongside different students from all around the globe will be a fun and memorable part of your internship experience with us.

You will need to sort out your own plane ticket and international insurance. Additionally, you are obliged to cover any food, drinks, and personal shopping expenses accrued throughout the internship.

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