Exclusive student discounts UK 2019

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Beginning of a new term requires you to plan your expenditure, accommodation, and travel. It’s quite an exciting time for college freshmen or existing cohorts. Fortunately, a lot of places in the UK give you student discounts between 10% to 15% on tons of outlets for clothing, food etc. We have consolidated a list of the brands [...]

Different types of Student Accomodation

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There are many factors prospective students have to take into consideration when choosing what university to apply for, it is important to note that student accommodation can be one of the main factors that contributes to student’s overall university experience. We are going to explain the pros and cons to the most popular options [...]

Tips for Applying for University as a Mature Student

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Think it’s too late to be a mature student? Entering higher education later in life has increased as in the UK 60% of all undergraduates are over 21. If you are looking to develop your skills or change your career path but thought that University wasn’t an option for you, then you may want [...]

10 Free Apps That Every University Student Needs: Making student life easy

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With technology becoming more and more integrated in society today, mobile convenience app usage is rising in popularity, with many using such apps for the smallest of tasks such as making a shopping list. Due to this, with an often very busy and high-stress schedule, students can find a lot of benefits in using [...]