How to Deal with Uncomfortable Work Situations

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It is virtually inevitable for you to steer clear of certain situations that would make even the most dedicated of leaders feel at discomfort. There are numerous ways you might feel uncomfortable whilst at work. It might be a situation where you are supposed to dish out a hard-hitting fact to a fellow colleague, confessing [...]

Students Life after University

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Surviving University life can be quite a challenge, from sleep deprivation to doing all-nighters and forcing those eyes to stay awake! From having a diet full of pot noodles and bread- We all survived. The time after graduating can feel like the most freeing and exciting moments in your life. You’ve worked so hard to [...]

4 Influential Advocates of Female Education

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It is no secret that women all over the world have had to fight to gain rights and equality. Education has been a long-winded battle that many countries in the world have to endure. Woman have seen a lot of inequality, discrimination and low value throughout time and even now. Education has been a matter [...]

Some of the Best Future Proof Careers

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Job automation has a number of advantages. Increased productivity, greater accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced efficacy are some of the many. However, owing to these positives, jobs have been pushed to the verge of extinction with many of them already gone obsolete, while some of them are in the pipeline of being deemed bygone. According to [...]

Does the Real Life Actually Begins at 18?

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Of all the ages, we believe the most endearing to work with, has to be the teens who are in between 17 and 19. The age known to be the most turbulent of all, is a reason of stress for many families who worry about their ‘little’ child being a ‘grown-up’. Parenting is not an [...]

Changing Business Education Landscape in the UK

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You might deem it as an impact of the technological advancements, new entrants, international competitors or an array of political agendas, the present and the future shape of United Kingdom’s business and management education looks very distinct when put in contrast with the past. The business education industry is no longer associated with traditional university [...]