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Benefits of Working and Studying Part time Courses

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There is an increasing groundswell rising in favour of part-time education today. The luxury of balancing out one’s education alongside other activities has increased the probability of people opting for part-time education. Part time studying is essentially spreading out an entire course of interest over a longer period of time allowing people to balance work [...]

UK University Starter Pack

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‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.-Nelson Mandela There are approximately 200 universities in the United Kingdom, attracting students from all around the world for various reasons. These reasons are varied; to explore new horizons, to develop abilities beyond their university course or to build a strong [...]

Different types of Student Accomodation

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There are many factors prospective students have to take into consideration when choosing what university to apply for, it is important to note that student accommodation can be one of the main factors that contributes to student’s overall university experience. We are going to explain the pros and cons to the most popular options [...]

How to Prepare for your University Interview

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More than often it’s required that you may need to attend an interview for your chosen university you want to attend… Commonly for those you do not have their IELTS which is known as your English speaking level. Not to worry; Having an interview at your chosen university isn’t as intimidating as some say [...]