Are you one of the fifty students in a classroom? Do you want to make an impression on your professor in the class? 

A good grade is not the only way to stand out. Many factors can influence your success in the classroom. 

One of the most important things that you should do at the very beginning of your term is to make sure that your professors know your name – so that they can identify you as an individual and not just a member of the group. 

Pick a permanent seat

A professor can easily recognise every student in their class after a few lessons, and yet making sure that you are one that they can distinguish from the rest is vital. To make it easier for them to remember you, try to fix your seat for every class, ideally one near the professor in the front row. That way whenever the professor wants to call you, they know where to look for you and the consistent presence will make you more memorable.

Answer Questions

Everyone has experienced that moment when their professor asks a question that is followed by a long and awkward silence, making everyone feel uncomfortable. Those moments are as embarrassing for the professor as for the students. To make your impression, answer the question or ask one when they call for them. The more prepared you are with attending previous lectures and reading assignments, it’s easier for you to stand out in the class. 

Ask Smart Questions

Having the ability to ask a good question is better than having all the answers. But how do you know the right time to ask a question? 

Being an active participant in classes and always being prepared is key. Make sure you always  go through the study material beforehand. Listen to the lectures attentively and ask the question if you need clarification. Don’t be afraid to ask a question to the professor- they are there to help you study. If you disagree with the answer, be proactive and bring it up to them. This can help you to stand out in class, but just don’t take it too far by being argumentative.

Form Relationships

Another approach could be to form a personal relationship with the professor. Avoid being another person that just shows up to classes and doesn’t ever see them in working office hours. Instead, speak to them after the lecture or via email- they are human, and at the end of the day they want you to pass and make the most of your time under their supervision. 

-Kshitij Gupta