You’ve gone through the application process, but the admission interview bothers you, continue reading. The interview itself is similar to a job interview where you need to do your research and show motivation.  Every university defines the interview questions in different ways, but here are some of the most common.


First and foremost, you need to show your motivation for applying. Some questions that relate to motivation are:

  • Why did you choose this course/ this university?

These questions are practically guaranteed to come up during your admission interview, and might be phrased slightly differently, such as “What made you choose this university?” This question tests your knowledge of the university and allows the interviewers to find out what motivates you. You should think about what makes you and the university perfect for each other – like a higher education love match. The question related to the course reflects your motivation and is very important. In order to succeed in the interview, you need to show your genuine interest in the course.

More questions related to motivation might be:

  • Are you aware of the modules of this course?
  • Which module do you think you will enjoy?
  • What interests you about the subject that you’ve applied?
  • What do you expect from this course?


As in a job interview, during the admission interview, questions about background will be in place as well. The examiner might ask you about previous studies and past experience. In some cases, they might ask you for your biggest achievement that needs to be related to your educational background. If you cannot think of such an achievement, you can tell that you’ve done your final project and achieved great results. (Of course, if it’s true) Besides, a question about challenges might be part of the interview. The question can be formed ‘’What challenges do you think you will have during this course?’’ or it can be related to your previous degree or college.


Along with the educational background, your employment history will be in interest to the examiners as well. Questions like: ‘’Do you have any work experience?; What have you learnt from your work experience? Could you use this knowledge during your education?’’ will be part of your admission interview. So, here is the chance to show your accomplishments during your work experience. Even if the job that you have is not relevant to the field, you need to think of examples of what you’ve learned and how this has helped you to improve your skills.


The most beneficial advice that can be given is: try to stay calm during the interview. If you have prepared for the interview and have done the research, you will have a chance to show that you are confident and this is the right course for you.  Thus, there is nothing that can stop you from success.