It is virtually inevitable for you to steer clear of certain situations that would make even the most dedicated of leaders feel at discomfort.

There are numerous ways you might feel uncomfortable whilst at work. It might be a situation where you are supposed to dish out a hard-hitting fact to a fellow colleague, confessing about a wrong-doing of yours, or giving your judgement on a sensitive issue. There are many more such unpleasant situations, and the ability to think about the right course of action is the key forward.

The correct path, although in our opinion should be the path tiled with truth. However, being diplomatic and keeping in neutral might bail you out of some situations, however the possibility of it circling back sooner or later will not be a rendezvous. Being emotionally intelligent plays a big part as it will facilitate you with the ability to address the issue with sensitivity.

Enough said, let us talk in detail about the uncomfortable situations that you might encounter whilst at work:


Overreactions are a dime a dozen in corporate organisations. There is a possibility that if you have not witnessed some, you probably will, very soon. We all get worn out while working, and we all have the capability to take it out on our colleagues. The consequences are varying. In order to maintain their positive reputation, some have to face the inevitable task of apologising. While the stubborn ones get summoned up by the leaders to assert the importance of maintaining the decorum at workplace.


Constant interruptions whilst at work obviously have a detrimental impact on one’s focus and it is quite possible that the whole motivation to do work might come crashing down. Here, from interruptions, we are referring to disturbances from fellow colleagues. The situation seems plain-sailing, however has several complexities involved.

You might not want to show yourself as a rude individual by drawing a line, however the accosting needs to be ceased so as to minimise stress levels. Being direct might upset your colleagues, it would be better if you ring the topic while at your break and let them know you are referring to them via an indirect query.