Searching for the perfect career pathway is vital as you are embarking on a new chapter in life. It can be a pretty daunting and intimidating experience, especially if you are clueless about what you are looking to do in the future. Follow these five steps if you feel unsure where to start;

Evaluate yourself both professionally & personally 

Choosing a career is difficult, mainly because there are so many different things to consider, such as your interests, skills, experience, salary, location, travel, convenience, and much more. 

Therefore, you must begin by discovering yourself. Ensure you are familiar with what subjects you are interested in, which will help you select a suitable career option. 

Take an Online Career Assessment 

An online career assessment comprises various questions related to your professional development, experiences, skills, and mindset. This is an excellent way to quickly learn what job roles and career industries are most appropriate for you. 

Most online career assessments take 10-15 mins maximum, which is great as it’s not very time-consuming. At the end of the assessment, the website takes a few moments to generate the most suitable career options for you based on your answers. 

Some online career assessment websites you can try include; Prospects and National Careers Service.

Research a variety of occupations and list those that you are interested in

Alongside completing an online career assessment, doing some research on other professions can help to explore the world of work. Creating a list and taking general notes about the different career options is also a good idea as this will help keep your thoughts clear about the various opportunities you can gain. 

Eliminate career options that don’t sound very appealing & Network with professionals in each industry

Now that you have a list of all the career options that interest you go through the list again. Do some more research on each career pathway you have chosen and start removing some listed options. Try to limit yourself to a maximum of six options. This will make selecting the final career path much more straightforward. 

Once you have your reduced list, try to contact professionals within those fields. This will give you a genuine first-hand opinion of what each job involves. 

Make your final choice 

At this point, you will most likely be all set to make your final choice.