After a lot of backlash from students complaining about how universities dealt with the covid-19 situation (cancelled classes, no support for assignments, and delayed updates from the university), a lot of students found this to be a difficult time to adjust to the new normal. Unfortunately, a lot of UK universities were not expecting the pandemic to get to a point it has, hence the disruption for both teachers and students.

At this point, students are now having to learn new ways of learning and adapting to their situations so they can make the best out of their time in education. Here is a list of benefits students can take for both their personal and professional careers from this situation:

The ability to be independent

Not having a physical teacher or class environment to study in can be difficult, especially when you’re studying where you usually sleep and play games. The benefit of this is that you are now forced to be independent, which just means you now have 100% control of how your day will go and what areas of study you’ll focus on. This is similar to what it will be like once you graduate and enter your professional career.


Part of not having people around you to tell you what to do and how your schedule will go is taking full responsibility for any actions you take. So instead of having a 2-hour class on your chosen topic for the day, you now have the option to study when you want to and for how long. The benefit of this is that now you can learn to manage your time better, and see how best to allocate your time for maximum productivity.

The ability to adapt to change

In your professional career, expect there to be multiple instances where you are forced to adapt to a change; whether that be a change in environment, place of work, position in the company, and surrounding peers. Take this time as a student to revel and enjoy change, not constantly being in one position all the time.

The covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives and not just yours, and we have to learn the ability to adapt to it either way. How can you thrive in these moments? What lessons can you learn from them? What prospects can your studies bring you for the future? You have the answers within if you just look for it.


I hope this blog has brightened up your future prospects and make you focus on the positive aspect of the pandemic. We believe that every crisis also brings an equivalent amount of opportunity, so take this time to find out what that is for you and enjoy your studies while it’s still happening. (CTA)