As we already covered the topics of the accommodation and some aspects of the living cost in the UK and more specifically in London, probably you are wondering how much does an undergraduate degree cost?

UK tuition fees are usually a subject of controversy, because sometimes the prices are very high for students to afford them. There are different fees for UK and EU citizen students and international students.

The undergraduate degrees now for an UK/EU student cost £9,250 per year (around €10,291 and $11,925). On the other hand, for international students (students outside the European Union) the costs vary based on the degree. The fees could start around £10,000 per year (around €11,125 and $12,891) for the average degrees. For medical degrees, that gained popularity these years the amount could reach the £38,000 per year or more (around €42,275 and $48,987). In general, humanities and social sciences degrees tend to cost the least, while laboratory and clinical degree programs are markedly more expensive.

The living cost in the UK could be really expensive, but it depends on the individual’s needs. The estimated living cost for a student in London is around £387 per week (around €431 and $449) or £20,124 per year (around €22,388 and $25,942). On the other hand, the estimated living cost in Birmingham or Manchester for a student is around £295 per week (around €328 and $380) and £15,340 per year (around €17,066 and $19,775).The living cost in London seemed to be more expensive but the student experience and the opportunities to find a job to help manage your finances and boost your CV could be extremely beneficial.

Finally, the UK offers many short courses and three year undergraduate degrees, in comparison to institutions abroad, whom offer four year undergraduate degrees. This opportunity could save you money, making the UK ideal place to study.