Now that we have covered how much an undergraduate degree costs, you probably are wondering how much a postgraduate degree costs in the UK.

The maximum cost of an undergraduate degree in the UK is £9,250, however, how much does a postgraduate cost?

The price of a postgraduate course can vary greatly between different subject areas, universities and countries within the United Kingdom.

Masters’ degrees in the UK last only 1 year, while in the most European counties last 2 years. That makes the UK an ideal place to do your Master degree because you can save both time and money. Also, the difference between an undergraduate and postgraduate is that the latter can be cheaper per year than the undergraduate ones. Whereas a typical UK Bachelor’s degree can cost up to £9,250, average fees for classroom-based, taught UK Masters are £11,100.

Course fees for UK Masters programmes are set by individual universities (unlike undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees aren’t subject to a fee cap). This means that fees vary between universities and courses. They can also change, year-on-year. UK universities also offer a wide variety of Masters degrees, including taught and research qualifications in different subjects. Some tend to cost more than others. These differences reflect the facilities and resources required for a course and how expensive it is for the university to deliver.

Courses cost

Specifically, the cost varies based on the subject, the type of degree, the university and the country within the UK. The average cost of a Classroom postgraduate degree MA (Arts / Social Sciences) is £6,482 for UK and EU students, while £14,096 for international. The laboratory MSc (Science / Engineering) postgraduate degrees cost around £7,555 for UK/EU students and £16,222 for international. The clinical MSc (Medicine / Dentistry) degrees are about £9,125 and £21,767 for EU and international students each. Finally, the Law (LPC / LLM) could cost around £8,509 and £13,916, while the MBA (Business) around £17,247 and £18,914.

Student loans

A student loan can be given to a UK and EU student who wants to take a postgraduate degree. The main difference of the postgraduate and the undergraduate loan is that the amount varies based on the country the university is. Studying in an English university the amount a student could get is up to £10,609 for the whole course, this amount could be spend either for living, tuition or both cost. Further, Welsh government gives up to £13,000 and it could be spend either for living, tuition or both cost. Also, could give an average of £3,400 to Welsh students based on the chosen university. Moreover, the Scottish government gives up to £10,000 (Tuition fee loan £5,500 and Living cost loan £4,500) for postgraduate students. Finally, the Northern Irish loan could reach up to £5,500 for tuition fees.

United Kingdom is an ideal place to undertake a postgraduate degree because the courses last only one year and the loans could help you focus on your studies and get the most of them, by developing skills, knowledge and critical thinking.