If you complete a foundation course, there is a much higher chance for you to achieve a better success rate to be accepted by universities.

Doing a foundation course shows universities that you have a serious interest in the subject as well as already having subject-specific knowledge and skills required to pursue your degree.


Foundation year for international allows students to adjust to life in the UK and work on their english abilities.

International students are often surprised by the volume of independent study compared to when they were studying at high school. International students feel as if they aren’t receiving the necessary help that they need to excel in their degree.

A foundation bridges the gap between higher education to university lifestyle as well as develop essential academic and study skills. Which will prove to be advantageous in the future when the starting the course with their peers.

Minimum requirements

The minimum IELTS requirements for a foundation course for international students is at least 4.5 however this differs depending on the university.

Fees for international students

The typical fees for internationals are £13,000

Students in a field with laptop

University that offer foundation courses

Foundation courses tend to be a one year course. However Most 4 years degrees include a foundation year, known as year 0. You can progress seamlessly into your chosen field of study.

Roehampton University offers degrees with a foundation course for internationals. Make sure to look for words that include extended degree or including foundation year in the name of the degrees.

If you’re interesting in studying in 2019 they have intakes for January, May and September. More subject course requirements can be found on https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/

According to studyinthe-uk there are many universities in the UK that proudly offer university courses for International students.

Universities that offer foundation courses include:

Help with your university application

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