When you find that you are in need a career change or feel that you suddenly dislike your choice of course, there is always a way to go around it. One way would be a foundation course! Foundation courses offer a basic understanding of a course, normally lasting a year.

A few well known institutes in London have great foundation courses as follows;

Middlesex University

Back in 1973 the Middlesex Polytechnic was created through multiple colleges and training institutions across the north of London. Approximately two decades later, Middlesex Polytechnic was given the university title; with various campuses in the beautiful Dubai, scenic Malta and cultural Mauritius.

As a result of their extensive background, the institutional organisation has become well known for their in-depth research analysis and expansive course list; alongside this the university is in the top 3 for modern university and placed within the top 500 for universities around the world.

The foundation courses provided at Middlesex University are vast; they offer courses from Animation to Veterinary. You’ll find courses in creative studies and research heavy courses such as fashion and biomedical science.

Kingston University

Kingston University was formed in 1992 after the merging of several other institutions, in 1999 the university celebrated its centenary. The company is well known for their career-oriented courses and multi-cultural community (we love a multi-cultural Representative)!

A lot of people struggle looking for specific courses that suit what they aim to achieve career-wise; one of the great things about this university is its unique set of foundation courses that cater for these types of students. A few examples is the Engineering foundation with pathways in aerospace, civil and mechanical engineering, Paramedic practice, special educational needs & inclusive practice foundation and historic building conservation.

Foundation Degree Graduates

Queen Mary University

The Queen Mary University of today was bounded together by charitable institutes from the 18th century in the East of London.

This university looks into social justice and achieving the unthinkable. Part of the Russell Group and based in East London, Queen Mary University has students and staff members from over 160 different nationalities, making them one of the most diverse institutions in the world.

Some of the foundation courses offered in Queen Mary includes; business & management, science & engineering, marketing and so on. It’s clear that the majority of Queen Mary’s foundation courses circle around business and engineering, so if you’re interested in these two subjects then this university would be a good option for you.

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster was one of the first polytechnics in the UK (1838); the organisation helped with the London Olympics in 1908 and was one of the first to offer creative courses such as photography and media studies.

There is a wide selection of foundation courses that integrate heavily with the undergraduate courses, for example; business and management, languages and computer science! This is just a few to name, there is an extensive list which actually stems to much more in-depth options. An example of this would be within business and management, here you can take a look at marketing communications, business management in human resources and so much more! There is an endless supply of services you can choose from in each category.