What a foundation course/degree is

This can be a very complex topic as there is both the option of a foundation degree and a foundation course. A foundation degree is roughly equivalent to the first 2 years of a 3 year honours degree course in England and wales, by completing this you can then progress into a full honours degree with an additional one year of study.

A foundation course usually only takes one year and with completion of this year, it helps qualify you to enter a traditional degree course, therefore you will most likely be studying for at least 4 years which takes one year longer than choosing to study a foundation degree however it gives you the option to study a course you have no previous experience in. Also if you have changed your mind about what you want to study at university but your A-levels don’t match then a foundation course is a great option for you as it allows you to spend a year studying your new topic choice.

If you didn’t do as great as you wanted to in your A-levels, a foundation degree is a great option for you as they are perfect for students who do not meet the criteria for direct entry to bachelor degree courses.

Basic Requirements

Every university has their own specific requirements for their courses, therefore it is important to check the requirements of each institute you apply for, however they all have similar basic requirements.

Firstly in order to apply for a foundation degree or course in the UK you have to be over 18 years old.

There are no set entry requirements for foundation courses, however if you are under 21 without substantial work experience in the field you are wanting to study, then universities often ask for one or two A-levels or equivalent vocational qualifications.

If you are a mature student who is over 21 then you will need relevant work experience and formal qualifications may not be needed.

It is important to understand that universities take every applicants individual situation into consideration.

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How to apply

If you have decided to study a full time foundation degree you will have to apply through UCAS, this will entail creating an account along with a personal statement.

For foundation courses it is likely that you are able to apply directly to the university, college or training provider.

You should also know that you may need to prepare for assessments in the form of an interview or written tasks, alongside a personal statement. A personal statement allows you to support your application and is a chance for you to articulate why you would like to study this topic and why they should allow you to study at their institution. If you would like more information on personal statements you can access this by visiting the UCAS website.

Benefits of studying a foundation degree/course

By studying a foundation course it allows you to prove to universities that you have the correct skills necessary for a degree course. This can completely change your career path and is an option for anyone dedicated to pursuing a topic. It also gives you an insight into the subject and gives you the chance to figure out whether it is something you want to do.

The benefits of studying a two year foundation degree is that you are given the opportunity to complete a degree in the same amount of time as the traditional route by topping up your degree.

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