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BA (Hons) Education

The BA (Hons) Education undergraduate course allows its students to learn about the education as a dynamic process of human, cultural, economic, and social development that is fundamental to a changing, globalized world. As an interdisciplinary degree, the BA Education combines ideas and research from education, psychology, sociology, philosophy and history. The program includes a placement in your second year so that you can apply your knowledge to work with children and young people in a professional setting.

BA (Hons) Education and Social Policy

Education is essential if you wish to study initial teacher education courses. We offer you the chance to develop knowledge of the education systems of Scotland and beyond, looking at issues including policy, social justice, equity and inclusion. Combining Education with other subjects provides opportunities for those who wish to work in professions associated with education but who do not necessarily wish to become teachers.

BA (Hons) Education and Sociology

Education Studies will provide you with an excellent knowledge of theory and practice in education. Combined with another subject, our course builds on the disciplines of Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and History to enable you to develop knowledge and skills in the academic study of education.

BA (Hons) Education and History

Education Studies specialises in looking at educational themes, ideas and practices in the widest possible sense through educational theories and philosophies. Students explore a range of contexts from the classroom and the learner’s experience through to education as a lever for social and political  change.

BA (Hons) Education Studies

The programme includes practical, classroom based aspects. For example, you will study the teaching and learning of reading and be placed in a school to work with an individual child to support their reading development.

BSc (Hons) Physical and Professional Education

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a concurrent degree path towards qualification as a teacher. This means that students study both pedagogy (the theory and practice of teaching) and their subject specialism(s) in tandem, one frequently informing and enriching the other.

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