BSc (Hons) Management Science and Mathematics

Duration: 3 years

Course details

The BSc (Hons) in Management Science will introduce you to a variety of organisations in all sectors and teach you to understand various techniques which draw from the management discipline including marketing, organisational behaviour, managing in diverse and challenging situations, and analysing financial data. In addition, you will receive advanced training in quantitative techniques that are relevant to the analysis of managerial problems.


Year 1

  • Organisations and Society

  • Organisations and Analysis

  • Mathematics

Year 2

  • Management and Society

  • Management and Analysis

  • Mathematics

Year 3

  • Corporate Finance and Control

  • Organisation Studies

  • Contemporary Issues in Management

Entry requirements

  • SQA Highers
  • International Baccalaureate
  • A level

Career possibilities

A degree in Management Science not only provides an excellent basis for a career in management, but it can also be used as a springboard into a wide variety of other careers. During your studies, you will gain presentation and group working skills, which provide vocational relevance for careers in commerce, finance, industry and public service.

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