BSc (Hons)Astro-physics

Duration: 3 years

Course details

Astrophysics makes demands across a broad frontier of technologies: materials science, optics and electronics. This three-year programme teaches students to apply their knowledge of physics to astronomical observation and to the interpretation of the data and images obtained.


Year 1

  • Classical Mechanics

  • Mathematical Methods

  • Practical Skills 1C

  • Physics of the Universe

  • Thermal Physics

  • Waves, Optics and Acoustics

Year 2

  • Astrophysical Processes: Nebulae to Stars

  • Electricity and Magnetism

  • Mathematical Methods

  • Physics of the Solar System

  • Practical Astrophysics 2A

  • Quantum Physics

  • Statistical Thermodynamics

Year 3

  • Astronomical Spectroscopy

  • Interstellar Physics

  • Physical Cosmology

  • The Physics of Stars

  • Practical Astronomy 1 – Techniques

Entry requirements

  • A level AAA : Subject Mathematics and Physics required
  • GCSEs  : English language and Mathematics at grade C
  • IB Diploma

Career possibilities

Your scientific training will equip you with an understanding of mathematics, and of physical principles and techniques, as well as transferable skills in analysis, rational argument and innovative problem solving. Surveys by the IOP indicate that physicists’ versatility is welcomed by a wider range of professions than any other subject.

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