BSc (Hons) Animal Science

Duration: 3 years

Course details

This course will give you a broad scientific understanding of fundamental animal biology and the training to be able to apply this knowledge in areas of interest to you and your career aspirations.


Year 1

  • The Biosciences and Global Food Security

  • Biochemistry – The Building Block of Life

  • Genes and Cells

  • Introduction to Nutrition

  • Introductory Physiology

  • Biosciences Tutorials and Foundation Science

Year 2

  • Reproductive Physiology

  • Principles of Animal Health and Disease 1

  • Physiology of Electrically Excitable Tissues

  • Professional Skills for Bioscientists

  • Endocrine Control Systems

Year 3

  • Animal Welfare and Environment

  • Animal Science Conference – Current Issues and Debates

  • Animal Science Research Project

  • Applied Animal Nutrition

  • Molecular Genetics and Mammalian Biochemistry

Entry requirements

  • A levels: ABB-BBB,
  • IELTS 6.0
  • International Baccalaureate

Career possibilities

The Nottingham Animal Science degree is highly regarded by a wide range of employers. The unique blend of fundamental science, practical application (including human nutrition and physiology) and insight into social perspectives has enabled graduates to follow a wide variety of careers.

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