BA (Hons) Linguistics and Sociology

Duration: 3 years

Course details

This course will introduce you to the study of the unique human faculty of language and to the investigation of the world’s languages. You will explore a number of fascinating topics such as the ways in which dialects differ, how languages arise, change and die, how children acquire their first language, differences between the speech of men and women, how we communicate as individuals and within groups, and what happens when speakers of different languages come into contact.


Year 1

  • Languages of the World

  • Language, Mind and Brain

  • Researching Culture and Society

  • + Optional Modules

Year 2

  • Phonology 1

  • Introduction to Syntactic Theory

  • The Survey Method in Social Research

  • + Optional Modules

Year 3

  • Introduction to Typology

  • Societal Multilingualism

  • Variation and Change in English

  • Dissertation

  • + Optional Modules

Entry requirements

  • A level
  • GSCE
  • International Baccalaureate

Career possibilities

Languages qualify you for a wide range of employment. Your high-level language skills will open up numerous paths with an international dimension (e.g. business, industry and finance). You will also have excellent all-round communication skills making you a strong contender for openings in the media, PR and similar areas.

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