BA (Hons) History

Duration: 3 years

Course details

This course will develop and deepen your knowledge of different periods of history from around 1500 to the late twentieth century. You will tackle such exciting and challenging issues as power and warfare, culture and beliefs, health and medicine, imperialism, class and gender – learning the skills of the historian in studying historical materials; exploring how we understand, interpret and debate past events; and investigating a range of critical approaches.


Year 1

  • Blood and Iron. The Making of the Modern World Part One: 1750-1914

  • Conflict and Commemoration: War and Memory in Twentieth-century Europe

  • Cosmopolis: London since 1960

  • Imperial Capital, World City: London 1750-1914. Skills and Sources

  • Metropolis: London and Modernity, 1830-1939

  • The Blitz: Image, Impact, Legacy 1940-1951

Year 2

  • Civil War to Civil Rights: Race, Society and Politics in the USA 1850-1970

  • Democracy and Dictatorship. The Making of the Modern World Part Two: 1914-1990

  • Fenians to Free State: the Making of Modern Ireland 1868-1923

  • History Internship

  • Jack the Ripper: Myth, Reality, Culture and Popular History

  • New Liberals to New Labour: British Politics 1906-2010

  • Writing History: Approaches and Methods for History Dissertation

  • The Past in the Present: History in London’s Museums

Year 3

  • Divided Society: a Social History of Britain in the Twentieth Century

  • “Don’t Mention the War!” Britain and Germany since 1945

  • History Dissertation

  • New World Order: International Organisations in an Age of Global Conflict and Change

  • The Cinema as a Source for Historians

  • The End of History? Crisis and Conflict since the Cold War

  • The Troubles: Britain and Northern Ireland 1968-1998

  • Vichy: War, Occupation and the Holocaust in France 1940-1944

  • Transatlantic Feminisms: the Women’s Movement in Twentieth-century Britain and Canada

Entry requirements

  • A-level: BBB
  • IB: 33 points overall 

Career posibilities

Employers from every area of industry value history graduates. You will leave with the ability to analyse, manage large quantities of information, communicate effectively, research in groups or independently and write in a concise and informative fashion. Many graduates now work as recruitment consultants, museum curators, information analysts and public relations officers.

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