BA (Hons) Archaeology

Duration: 3 years

Course details

This degree programme enables you to study the most fundamental questions about human life through an understanding of archaeological methods and theory combining the archaeology of periods and areas of your choice. Throughout his course, you will investigate the major social, economic, religious and technological developments in long-term human history from Britain to South Africa and Spain to China.

Year 1

  • Introduction to Archaeology

  • Development of Archaeology

  • The Archaeology of the Historic Period

  • World Prehistory

  • Introduction to Archaeological Science

  • Introduction to Archaeological Resources

  • Introduction to Archaeological Fieldwork

  • Introduction to Material Culture

  • + Optional Modules

Year 2

  • Applications or Archaeological Science

  • Current Issues in Archaeological Theory

  • Interpreting Archaeological Evidence

  • Research and Presentation Skills

  • + Optional Modules

Year 3

  • Archaeology in the World

  • Field Archaeology

  • Dissertation

  • + Optional Modules

Entry requirements

  • A level : ABB
  • BTEC  Level 3 Extended Diploma:
  • International Baccalaureate : 33 points  

Career possibilities

Graduates are well equipped for a wide variety of careers in fields as diverse as journalism, heritage management, law, the civil service, teaching, business, IT and tourism. You can also go on to undertake further study and research degrees and our past students have had marked success in gaining employment in universities and major museums, locally, nationally and internationally.

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