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BA (Hons) Anthropology

This programme will give you a new perspective on the human world, providing a depth of insight into social and cultural difference and give you an understanding of the history and behavior of our own species.

BA (Hons) Archaeology

This degree programme enables you to study the most fundamental questions about human life through an understanding of archaeological methods and theory combining the archaeology of periods and areas of your choice. Throughout his course, you will investigate the major social, economic, religious and technological developments in long-term human history from Britain to South Africa and Spain to China.

BA (Hons) Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion

This degree will interest those who have studied Philosophy and Ethics, History, English Literature, languages, Classical Civilisation, or Religious Studies. It explores the varied human expressions of belief, and the impact on thought and culture. Theology and Religious Studies is ever relevant in a world where religious belief is a driving force behind world events. Anyone operating internationally requires some understanding of the importance of religion and its cultural contexts.

BA (Hons) History

This course will develop and deepen your knowledge of different periods of history from around 1500 to the late twentieth century. You will tackle such exciting and challenging issues as power and warfare, culture and beliefs, health and medicine, imperialism, class and gender – learning the skills of the historian in studying historical materials; exploring how we understand, interpret and debate past events; and investigating a range of critical approaches.

BA (Hons) Humanities

The Humanities programmes comprise the study of the core subjects of English, History, Philosophy and Theology. Along with the four core subjects, you can also choose from a variety of other modules. This is an undertake, exciting and stimulating degree that offers a unique opportunity to learn about the beliefs, ideas, cultures and literatures from the ancient to the contemporary world, and from the local to the global.

BA (Hons) Classics

Classics (Literae Humaniores) is a wide-ranging degree devoted to the study of the literature, history, philosophy, languages and archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. It is one of the most interdisciplinary of all subjects, and offers the opportunity to study two foundational ancient civilisations and their reception in modern times.  You will acquire important, transferable skills for later life and employment; including an awareness of the way language systems work, and an understanding of some of the most brilliant, complex works in literature. By the end of your degree, you will confidently be able to unpack the meaning of all manner of texts, from political speeches to advertising slogans.

BA (Hons) Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

The history and culture of Anglo-Saxon England, Celtic languages and literature allows you to explore a range of cultures, and to look at history, language and literature side by side. ASNC course focuses on the history, material culture, languages and literature of the peoples of Britain, Ireland and the Scandinavian world in the earlier middle Ages. This unusual and challenging degree develops your powers of argument and sharpens your powers of analysis. It equips you for a wide range of careers where intellectual and analytical skills are important.

BA (Hons) Linguistics

Language is fundamental to human beings. Try to imagine a world without it: a world without words, conversation, discussion or debate, without stories or songs, slang, profanities and buzzwords. What a different world that would be.

BA (Hons) Linguistics and Sociology

This course will introduce you to the study of the unique human faculty of language and to the investigation of the world’s languages. You will explore a number of fascinating topics such as the ways in which dialects differ, how languages arise, change and die, how children acquire their first language, differences between the speech of men and women, how we communicate as individuals and within groups, and what happens when speakers of different languages come into contact.

BA (Hons) Politics and English Language and Linguistics

This programme gives you the analytical skills and deep knowledge of language that you gain from studying linguistics, plus the chance to do hands-on work collecting and analysing data. You’ll develop systematic ways of understanding how the modern English language works, how it’s used and how it changes, looking at situations as diverse as youth language in our multicultural and multilingual cities, or the English used in the media and politics. You’ll consider how new technologies shape the form of English and whether the spread of English in the world is changing or even killing other languages.

BA (Hons) English for Academic Purposes

The course has six modules. In the first semester you will study Reading and Writing Development, Communication Skills and Birmingham: Past and Present. In the second semester you will study Listening for Academic Purposes, Reading and Writing for University, and Speaking for University Purposes. Assessments are designed to meet individual needs and increase confidence in using English, both in social and academic contexts.

BA (Hons) English

The lecturers on the BA (Hons) English programme are passionate about what they teach – all have published their own academic work, plays, novels and scripts. The student-led Solent Quill Society is the first philosophical and literary society of its kind at Solent.

BA (Hons) English Literature

English Literature is a BA Hons degree offered by the Department of Literature, Language and Theatre. It allows you to specialise in the study of poetry, the novel, film and theatre, while also incorporating courses from a variety of other subject pathways.

BA (Hons) English and Social Policy

The combining Social Policy with another subject allows you to build the ideal degree for those who are thinking of a career in the social services or public administration. This Social Policy route will explore the ways in which governments seek to provide services and to change conditions in fields such as health, education and welfare support. You will study current political issues relevant to social policy today, aspects of social change and social divisions that underpin the context of social policy intervention and examine the nature of contemporary welfare services and the dynamics of social inclusion and exclusion.

BA (Hons) French Combined Subjects

Studying French at degree level will give you a very high standard of proficiency and knowledge of French culture and language.A combined degree allows you to create a bespoke course that suits your interests and aspirations.

BA (Hons) Spanish Combined Subjects

By doing this course you will have the opportunity to develop your language skills to a very high level as well as studied a range of cultural and historical contexts. You will also have the chance to undertake an exciting placement in Spain and or Latin America, to gain invaluable employment skills and knowledge of current affairs.

BA (Hons) Modern and Medieval Languages

Classics and Modern Languages enables you to combine study of Latin and/or Ancient Greek with a modern language. The course involves extensive study of major literary texts, alongside training in linguistic skills. Some papers on offer provide an opportunity to compare texts from both sides of the course, and to study classical influence on modern European literature.

BA (Hons) Tourism Management with Language

Tourism is a dynamic part of the world economy. The growth of online travel agencies, budget airlines, boutique hotels and special interest holidays means there is more choice for tourists and numerous employment opportunities.Throughout this course you will gain an understanding of the role of tourism in modern lifestyles and become equipped with excellent business management skills. The course may be tailored to suit your future ambitions, with options to undertake a placement year, a tourism project, specialist subject units and a foreign language.

BA (Hons) International Relation with a Language

This topical degree course allows you to specialise in two disciplines, providing you with a greater career choice and a range of highly transferable skills. Working with academics who are specialists in their field, you’ll examine the issues surrounding the international community today. This includes terrorism, the environment, international aid, nuclear proliferation, human rights, cyberwarfare and the complex relationships between states. Learn one of the world’s leading languages while engaging with politics and culture.

BA (Hons) Finance with a Language  

The global finance industry offers a whole range of dynamic, rewarding career paths, from banking and investments to financial markets. It’s a fast-moving sector that influences how businesses and societies work all over the world. Here at Hertfordshire Business School, our BA Finance degree is designed to help you become part of it.

BA/BSc (Hons) Social Sciences

This programme will give you the tools and knowledge to understand the social-political world in a better way; why social inequality persists and how your own life experiences intersect with wider social structures, such as ‘race’, class and gender. The knowledge and skills that you will develop through this course are highly valued in today’s work market.

BSc (Hons) Sociology

The programme will allow you to view society in a different and more analytical way. You will gain an understanding of the social theory and methods. So by the time you graduate, you will have the knowledge to make sense of the social world and prepare you for the workplace.

BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics

The Philosophy, Politics & Economics  BA course is a high-quality, interdisciplinary programme that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to understand and analyse the political and economic institutions of the 21st century, both in the UK and globally. This programme is taught by the Department of Political Economy and the Department of Philosophy.

BSc (Hons) Chemical Physics

The degree course in Chemistry, Physics and leading into rapidly developing interdisciplinary areas such as nanotechnology, quantum computing, laser processes and molecular modelling. Students on the course acquire expertise and transferable skills in these and many other topics, built on firm foundations across the whole subject area.

BSc (Hons) Physics and Astronomy

A physics degree for star-gazers, our Physics with Astronomy programme gives you access to our own telescopes, and teaching from world leaders in exciting fields of research such as the nature of black holes and dark matter.

BSc (Hons) Physics and Astrophysics

Physics is the most fundamental of all sciences. It observes and explores the physical laws and principles that govern the nature of the universe. Astrophysics encompasses study of the exciting arena of planets, stars and galaxies. This course allows you to explore astrophysics from your very first week.

BA (Hons) Natural Sciences

The Natural Sciences program is ideal if you wish to combine study in more than one area of science whilst retaining a larger degree of flexibility than joint degrees allow. You will study modules from a minimum of two main disciplines, with the opportunity to study specialist topics as your degree program develops. The breadth of the course reflects the blurring of boundaries between the different sciences and before committing yourself to one department you study a variety of subjects, some of which may be new to you.

BSc (Hons) Astro-physics

Astrophysics makes demands across a broad frontier of technologies: materials science, optics and electronics. This three-year programme teaches students to apply their knowledge of physics to astronomical observation and to the interpretation of the data and images obtained.

BA (Hons) Geography

The BA Hons Geography program is a first step in a professional career in geography. The program offers students a range of approaches to architectural design through studio-based tutorial groups or units. Each unit explores a different aspect of architectural design, ranging from new technologies, emerging social conditions and contemporary cultural contexts, to more abstract aesthetic and theoretical concerns.

BA (Hons) Modern Languages with Linguistics

Modern Languages BA with Linguistics offers enormous choice and flexibility, with over 300 possible modern language combinations. You may choose from more traditional combinations, such as Italian and German, or explore more unusual choices such as Dutch and Hungarian. You are also able to spend a year abroad in two different countries.

BA (Hons) Language Culture and Communication

This flexible course will help you to develop the skills and expertise to think strategically about language use and communication and to tackle real cases and data challenges. You’ll also develop expertise in communicating effectively across cultures, with opportunities to gain first-hand experience of living overseas and working in multicultural context.

BA (Hons) History and Politics

This degree applies methods and concepts from both areas to inform your studies, and you are encouraged to examine links between the two disciplines. Our interdisciplinary approach will give you insights into the ways that social, cultural and political institutions have shaped, and continue to shape, our society.

BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

This degree combines the study of literature with the study of language from a linguistic perspective. You’ll engage with theory and practice in literature and linguistics, and benefit from mutually illuminating critical debates in both disciplines.

BA (Hons) English Literature and History

Combining the study of classic works and popular writing from the past 500 years with cutting-edge teaching and research in the fascinating field of Modern History, this degree enables you to explore the ideas that lie behind published literature in all its forms, learn more about the impact of literature on societies, and place this knowledge in a broader historical context. A wide range of optional modules in each subject area enable you to tailor your degree to suit your personal interests, from exploring film adaptations, vampire fictions and satire, to investigating African American civil rights, migration in contemporary Europe and the origins of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

BA (Hons) Human, Social and Political Sciences

A BA in Human,Social and Political Sciences will allow you to study a flexible choice of modules from a huge range offered by three highly respected academic departments. You’ll be taught by world-leading academics and study the most up-to-date theories in social and political sciences. As your studies progress you’ll have the flexibility to tailor your degree to allow you to focus on your own interests, whether that’s globalisation, human rights, the future of the welfare state, migration, equality or social justice.

BA (Hons) Philosophy

The expert staff of the Department of Philosophy will help you develop your own answers to these great questions through a mixture of lectures on the answers given by great philosophers of the past and present, and seminars aimed at facilitating interaction between student and student, and student and teacher.

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