School of Media and Journalism


BA (Hons) Broadcast Media Production

This degree prepares you for careers in the film, TV, video and new media industries. In addition, your training in communication, teamwork and creativity will be highly relevant to roles in many different businesses and in the public sector. Not only will the course equip you for roles within media organisations but the changing demands of many private and public sector organisations means that there are now many media roles in a wealth of organisations which traditionally would not have been available.

BA (Hons) Mass Communication

The BA (Hons) Mass Communications programme offers you an equal combination of practical skills, covering journalism and Public Relations, with academic study of the media, film and culture. On the practical side, modules include News Journalism, Scriptwriting and New Media. Theoretical modules include Media Studies, Cultural Theory, Popular Culture and Film Studies.


BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication

Core modules of this course include ‘Media Studies’, ‘Cultural Theory’ and ‘Researching Media In Everyday Lives’. This is a dynamic course examining and exploring cultural trends and media industries. The power and effects of the media are all around us, and you will be able to engage with the most current influential forms of mass communication – the internet, social media, television, radio, popular music and cinema. Alongside traditional assessment methods, you will work creatively by making photographic essays, blogs and podcasts, developing radio policy and inventing and pitching a lifestyle TV show concept.

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