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LLB Law and Social and Public Policy

Law and  Social & Public Policy focuses on social problems such as poverty, homelessness and ill-health. The programme applies ideas from political science, sociology and economics to explore how governments shape their responses, and to understand the impacts of public policy on society.

BSc (Hons) Law and Accounting

This intellectually stimulating degree addresses the broader aspects of business organisation and management culture, while also providing an insight into corporate and consumer legislation, corporate regulation and other legal aspects of business enterprise. Also, this course will equip you with a real understanding of how legal considerations have an impact on virtually every aspect of management activity.

BA (Hons) Accounting and Business Law

On this course you will usually be taught by a range of staff with relevant expertise and knowledge appropriate to the content of the unit. This will include senior academic staff, qualified professional practitioners and research students. You will also benefit from regular guest lectures from industry.

BSc (Hons) Business and Law

Business Law is a subject that provides a detailed insight into the role of law in modern business practice. This degree will SUIT Students interested in having a career in business, management, HR, commerce or government, – or perhaps that are intending to setting up their own business.  The Business Law degree will give you the foundation you need to be successful in this sector.

BSc (Hons) Law

This professional law degree course is specifically designed to give you the skills employers are looking for. Whether you are considering a career in law, business or a related field, our degrees equip you with the all-important business skills you need to succeed. Research informs teaching at every level and you will investigate and develop core legal knowledge in subjects spanning commercial law, criminal justice, environmental law, human rights and family law.

BA/BSc (Hons) Criminology

Thanks to this course, you will learn the understanding of the origins of and responses to criminal behaviour. This criminology degree will allow you to gain a wider understanding of this hotly debated political issue. It covers specialist areas that include youth violence and gangs, organised crime, and terrorism and security, as well as developing their understanding of criminological theories including the assumptions that underlie intervention and control. You’ll look in-depth at the Criminal Justice System, including the police, judiciary and prisons, examining the concept of justice and sentencing.

BA (Hons) Criminology and Criminal Justice

The Bachelor in Criminology is a diverse, stimulating and challenging subject. It covers many disciplines such as psychology, sociology, social policy, law, biology in order to investigate high social problems of our time: What are the causes of crime? What should we do about it?  How best can we support victims of crime?

BA (Hons) Social Work

Social workers are key professionals and provide an important focus on people’s’ needs, while also developing new and interesting means of delivering services. You will explore critical issues that affect people’s wellbeing and learn how to help them deal with their challenges. Studying social work will prepare you to safeguard the best interests of vulnerable adults and children, promote independence and be capable of practising as a qualified practitioner as you will have acquired the skills to deal with all of today’s most pressing social problems.

BA (Hons) Youth and Community Work

The Youth and Community Work Bachelor will allow you to work with children and young people in a range of fields: helping them to enhance their personal, social and educational development. Throughout the Youth and Community Work programme you will develop your knowledge and skills to develop a critical, analytical and reflective thinking.

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