School of Health, Psychology, Pharmaceutical and Social Care


BA (Hons) Health and Wellbeing

During your training, you will engage in scientific study, critically analysing the social and psychological aspects of health and wellbeing. This will include studying care for both communities and individuals. Your training will encompass social, economic and cultural elements of the health sector.

BA (Hons) Healthcare Leadership and Management

The BA (Hons) Healthcare Management has a range of modules designed to train you as a professional manager in this sector.
Covering three core themes, Professional Environment & Practice, Operations & Quality Management and Leadership & Management, this course will give you the tools that could lead to a career as a professional practitioner, manager or leader in Health and Social Care.

BSc (Hons) Nursing

You will learn how to observe patients and assess their needs. You will develop the knowledge and skills to plan and deliver the most appropriate care for them and evaluate the results, in both hospital and out of hospital settings. You will learn how to help people stay independent and maximise their well-being, improving their health outcomes and also care for people as they reach the end of their lives. This degree will prepare you to care for adults of all ages with acute and long-term illness, at home and in hospital. You’ll play a vital role in health promotion and disease prevention, as well as nursing sick and injured adults back to health.

BA (Hons) Psychology

The Understanding Psychology module covers a range of topics designed to introduce several broad themes, including how people think, how children develop, how the brain works and how people interact. This course is complemented by the second core module: Investigating Psychology. In the first year, you will develop foundations for appreciating good research techniques and strategies, which will eventually help you to carry out your own studies. In your second year, you will build on the topics already studied so that you gain a sound background in all the essential areas of Psychology.

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science

This Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor covers a range of scientific disciplines to introduce you to the exciting world of drug discovery, development and management. This course offers an insight into the structure, function and mechanisms of drugs, how different drugs can act on the human body and how their potentially lifesaving effects can be safely harnessed.
You will be able to develop knowledge of the chemical and biological principles which are necessary to understand the sourcing, preparation, analysis and properties of medicinal agents.

BSc (Hons) Cosmetic Science

This programme covers relevant aspects of chemistry, physiology and dermatology as well as the regulatory marketing and business framework for cosmetics. You will also be introduced to the principles of formulation, with an emphasis on those related to cosmetics.

(MPharm) Pharmacy

This programme includes the study of science and healthcare. The objective is to provide you with the scientific knowledge and skills to be a pharmacist. You will develop an understanding of normal and abnormal bodily functions and be able to apply your knowledge to the treatment of patients. You will learn about the role of the pharmacist in healthcare and in the pharmaceutical industry and gain interpersonal skills such as communication, application of information technology and group working within the context of the profession.

BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care

This programme will help you develop knowledge and skills that will prepare you for employment in your chosen health and social care setting. You will learn about all aspects of the service user’s journey through health and social care agencies, considering the law, policy, research and practice. Getting out of the classroom and into the workplace is a key part of your learning, so there are work placements throughout the course.


BA (Hons) Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences try to understand how individual and social processes help shape our complex world. By combining the disciplines of psychology and sociology, this course presents a fascinating area of study, exploring the behaviour of individuals and society as a whole.

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